Learning to Play Guitar With Online Lessons or a Private Tutor

online-guitar-lessons-1024x907Everybody wishes at one point, that they knew how and were able to play a musical instrument such as the guitar.

But the idea of actually learning how to play the instrument, and going out and taking guitar lessons could be overwhelming.

Individuals in this situation might be very happy to learn that learning to play guitar is not as difficult as it might look. So put down the guitar hero game and learn how to actually play the instrument and don’t settle for less.

In the past, people who wanted to learn how to play the guitar were made to do so under very difficult circumstances. Most people only had a paid of headphones and had to rewind the songs they wanted to learn over and over again until they were finally able to get it right.

Now with the benefit of online guitar lessons, learning can be cut down to half the time it would normally take for someone who didn’t have this benefit.

Due to modern technology, the learning curve is so much shorter making the guitar an even more promising instrument to be able to learn. Folks can now get free guitar lessons online and learn their favorite songs without any of the headaches.

Whether a man decides to get a tutor or educate themselves with the use of online lessons will of course determine how quickly they progress. Regardless of which choice a person selects, they will need to understand the following advice.

Online Lessons Vs. Hiring a Tutor or Teacher

First of all there are two different types of lessons you can take.

Online lessons and lessons from a private tutor or coach.

My recommendation as far as lessons go is to go with online lessons over private lessons.

Private lessons generally cost more than they are worth, have to be set at specific times, and tend to be boring and un-interesting.

Online lessons give you the flexibility to learn in the comfort of your own house, at your own pace, on your own schedule and at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise take you if you went the route of using a private tutor.

Lessons online also come from a variety of different teachers instead of just one. In this way you can learn many different styles, techniques, approaches to the guitar and genres of music.

How you can Stay Inspired

Learning the guitar is going to be a frustrating endeavor if you forget to have fun.

Let the musicians who inspiried you to pick up the instrument in the first place continue to inspire you. Listen to your favorite songs and learn how to play them. Listen to music before you got to bed at night. Come up with your own jams in your head that you want to be able to play one day.

On top of all of this practice, practice, practice.

Don’t give up and keep plugging away at your lessons.

Even thought guitar has it’s initial drawbacks like hand fatigue and soreness, callous build up and sore finger tips all of this stuff will soon go away and you’ll be able to cleanly play the guitar parts you want.

After sometime you can invest in new equipment and start learning how to record and write your own music.

Then you’ll get to a point where you can just hear the music in your head and translate that onto your guitar and you’ll be on your way to a competent guitar player others enjoy listening to.

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Simple Tips for Playing the Guitar

guitar-shredding-300x225Whether you are a beginner guitar player or have already mastered the basic steps, learning to play at a very high level will take years of practice as there is no easy way to master this instrument.

To become a good guitar player you must practice hard and the best lesson you will ever learn is to be patient and not get frustrated.

Learning to play the guitar well can be a long process, but if you remain patient and practice hard you will improve and eventually you will be able to call yourself an accomplished guitarist. Who knows, you may even go on to become a guitar legend.

All guitar players can improve by using some conceptual and practical tips from experts that can help them play better. When learning new guitar skills, it is important to take time to understand the basic techniques as well as the mechanics of the instrument. This will avoid accumulating hard-to-break habits later on.

Learning about music terms and parts of the guitar will make it easier to understand and talk to instructors and other players.

Below are some simple tips to get you off on the right foot, as well as for those who have already been playing for a while:

1. Tune your guitar each time before you practice or play.

2. Learn to play the most frequently used chords first. This will serve as a basis for most popular songs.

3. Read guitar books and buy instruction manuals. The more you read, the more you will learn.

4. Practice and play with other players and you will quickly learn new ways of playing chords, unique rhythm styles and be exposed to new influences. The best person to learn from is an accomplished guitarist.

5. Learn to play your best loved songs note for note, exactly the way the original artist played it. Doing this will help you appreciate the skill and art that it takes to play like a guitar legend.

6. Take personal lessons from a professional who has the experience to spot and help iron out unique quirks and avoid bad habits from forming. You can find some really great lessons here: http://axezen.com/guitar-lessons-online/

7. Record your practice sessions, solo as well as with others. You may think that you are playing well when you hear it in your head, but a recording will help you hear what others are hearing and help you identify where you can improve.

8. Use technology to help you play better. There is a host of software that can help you play better, from chord apps to amp/FX emulation and impromptu recording.

9. Slow down your playing. There is a saying that the slower you go the faster you learn. You will learn more when you slow down and concentrate on your own rhythm and phrasing.

10. Use a metronome to help you with tempo. Solo practice with a metronome will help you know where the beat lies, even with quirky rhythms, ahead or before the beat.

11. Play styles that fall outside of your comfort zone. Guitar players soon fall into the habit of only playing one style of music which they find more natural, however, different styles will enhance your perspective and broaden your horizons.

12. Ring the changes by trying a capo or changing strings. Changing to a heavier string gauge can help tone finger strength or you may find that a lighter gauge suits bigger bends. The right strings may just bring out the best in your playing.

13. Once you understand how to use a metronome use actual backing tracks. This way you’ll learn how to actually play with other music and to the beat of an actual drum. You can find great backing tracks to get started here:

These twelve tips are suitable for all types of guitar players to help make guitar playing more enjoyable and satisfying.

Finally, listen to your body and learn to identify any signs of problems such as wrist or back pain to prevent instrument related injuries.

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